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About Jinti, Inc.

      With access to more than 18 million active users, (“JintiTM”) has grown into number one global digital platform that connects Chinese throughout China and in over 210 cities in the U.S. and Canada.


      Featuring smart digital products created by a talented team, JintiTM displays a cache of cutting edge technologies, AI algorithms, and a unique architecture that engage Chinese while connecting them with verified local merchants.At JintiTM,users have a refreshing online experience and businesses connect with affluent consumers and achieve desired marketing results.


      Jinti's uniqueness is powerfully illustrated through its innovative integration of easy-to-use local marketing platforms, exciting social networking services that provide a one-stop marketplace for users.


      Designed to be user-centric, JintiTM interactive functionalities enable verified merchants to meet Chinese users’ local needs, while connecting with friends, families and communities. JintiTM users get to select local real estate investment opportunities presented by professional agents, brokers, and investment professionals. In addition, these tools allow for Chinese users to follow their passion in communities, sharing what they love through light blogs, forums and photo albums.


      JintiTM users are able to exchange their earned Mango Reward Points in exchange for iconic brand products, while energizing other users for more participation in JintiTM communities. These participants molded into influencers comprise the essential connection for growth of local communities, social networks, and established businesses, making JintiTM a truly unique company.


      JintiTM reaches the whole gamut of Chinese communities, from major metropolitan cities to local towns, on both sides of China’s Firewall, providing businesses a large and valuable base of affluent consumers.


      JintiTM has built a seamlessly integrated platform of local communities, and social networks where Chinese consumers, homebuyers and local businesses converge through a robust cross border digital platform. By connecting with communities of interests, many well recognized global brands have been able to successfully connect with JintiTM communities.


      Many companies have reaped large benefits through marketing among JintiTM communities in China and in the U.S. The JintiTM communities in China and in the U.S. The JintiTM team is delivering effective results to its clients through innovative, measured, and focused marketing and engagement strategies.


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